Electrolicious ::.
By Ariel Meadow Stallings

A voice in search of something to say.

little. yellow. different. ::.
By Ernie

Hot Abercrombie Chick ::.
By Amanda Doerty

Philosophy, religion, politics and culture

My November ::.
By Jamie Richard Wilson
Twisted world perspective of a coffee junkie, student, professional computer geek and aspiring writer, photographer and filmmaker. ::.
By Claire Zulkey ::.
By Meredith

Below the Eight ::.

[ off cloud 9 ] ::.

expecting to fly ::.
Nothing like a jet-set lifestyle

Just Beneath My Skin ::.
By Kythryne Aisling

Cyberhobo ::.
By Dylan Kuhn
The joys of unemployment, travel, hiking, climbing, and general hobo adventure.

Biding my time ::.
By Bre

Account of a Philadelphia-living, red-haired, 23-year-old"s entry into the work world, struggle with writing, bibliophilia, too many bad movies and her quest for a purpose in life.

Damn Dirty Hippie ::.
By Danielle
Sunshine and daisy chains in written form.

The Perils of Leisure ::.
By Paula Abilheira

Loobylu ::.
By Claire Robertson

Little Trouble Girl ::.

Blissfully Bitter ::.
By Katharine Miller ::.
By Jeff Schuler

Sarah Says... ::.
By Sarah Knupke

Age of Indulgence ::.
By Sandy
Another girl's journey from here to there.

are the stars out tonight? ::.
Life and stuff.

The Great Quest ::.
Under-employed and over-qualifed girl continues the great quest to find a teaching job, but this time you"ll witness desperation at its finest.

gripes from the grumpy girl ::.
By Alyssa Ettinger

All Out of Angst ::.

beeep ::.
By Bronwyn Qulliam

In A Puddle ::.
By Anne Foyer

Brad ::.
By Brad Lucas

Que Sera Sera ::.

Nouns and Verbs ::.
By Matt Besterman

Momo Freaks Out ::.
By Momo

Antipixel ::.
By Jeremy Hedley

A deliberate pouring from empty into void.

Luscious Flo ::. ::.
By Ryan MacMichael

Where's Cherie? ::.
By Cherie Sogsti
A woman with the "Amelia Earheart Complex"

Chaos Theory ::.
By Jennifer Rutherford
I"m often bored at work, is it that obvious? ::.
By Heather B. Armstrong

Trisarahtops ::.
By Sarah
A 26-year-old education researcher, economics graduate student, amateur crazy-quilter and fairly bouncy dancer.

Psionic ::.
By Tim
Capitalism stole my virginity.

Burnt Toast ::.
By Lisa de Araujo

girlwonder ::.
By Molly Wright Steenson
people. places.things.

Girl ::.
By Alex

Rantings of a Gen X Misanthrope ::.
By Valerie ::.
By Kara Kerwin
a work in progress, just like the rest of the Internet


genxandycareers ::.
By Kelly Wallace
Career Development for Generations X and Y

The Occupational Adventure Blog ::.
By Curt Rosengren
An ever-unfolding mixed bag of nuts, loosely clustered around the the central theme of occupational adventure -- that is, a career that really gets you juiced.


The Black Saint ::.
By Stephen Robinson and Kelso Jacks

The American Undershirt ::.

defective yeti ::.
By Matthew Baldwin
Musings of a pretty OK guy.

Choire Sicha Dot Com ::.
By Choire Sicha

Blogatron ::.
By Hilatron

The observations of Hilatron, a space-age robot sent to study the Earthlings... by living as one of them.


anil dash weblog ::.
By Anil Dash

Thoughts on technology in general, the development of the Internet, the weblog medium, technology businesses, and any random observations that come to mind.

By Chris Pirillo
Getting screwed while everybody else is getting laid.

Gizmodo ::.
The gadgets weblog.


Like Kryptonite to Stupid ::.
By Oliver Willis
A daily dose of half-assed observations, rabid punditry and outright buffoonery.


Kamikaze Words ::.
By Ronen Kauffman

Chocolate & Zucchini ::.
By Clotilde
A passion for all things food-related

not martha ::.
By Megan Reardon
Take stock in this site about household tips n' goodies

The Amateur Gourmet ::.


NYC Newcomer Weblogs ::.

Gawker ::.

halfbakery ::.
Where life imitates science.

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